Our English canals are unique, and becoming a member of the Canalboat Club will enable you to take a narrowboat holiday every year from a choice of start locations.

Why not become a member of Canal Boat Club

Why not become a member of Canal Boat Club and enjoy the waterways of England.

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Join the Canal Boat Club

Our English canals are unique, and becoming a member of the Canalboat Club will enable you to take a narrowboat holiday every year from a choice of start locations. When buying a week or more of use you are joining an exclusive club of owners who find this an extremely economical and practical way of fulfilling both their boating and holiday dreams.

If in any year you wanted to rent out your week yourself, or let friends or family use it, there are no restrictions or extra costs involved, and it might provide additional income for you.

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We have a few weeks that have been given back to us from members who have enjoyed their Narrowboat holidays for the last few years, but now want to pass it to other members who can have the fun and share the memories that they have had.

It can all be yours for the really low price of £1160 for a high season red week, with a down payment of £440 and then pay the rest in instalments over 3 years ***. Much cheaper in the long term than hiring a boat . And for that price you get a lifetime of holidays with the Canal Boat club.

There has been a lot of interest in these weeks, so they will be given out on a strictly first come first served basis. We have both 4 and 6 berth red weeks available. You also pay an annual management fee which is currently **£600 for a 4 berth red week and **£612 for a 6 berth red week and that’s all you pay every year apart from the fuel deposit and utility fee if you use the boat.

Over the next 4 years the whole fleet is being updated with brand new boats , 60% of the fleet has been replaced with new boats so far.

The annual management fee covers items such as home moorings, Canals and Rivers Trust boat license, boat insurance, boat cleaning, reservation and administration services, boat maintenance, tuition at the start of each holiday and a 24hr help line.

Three exciting new benefits of being a CBC member 

Get a 25% discount and the ability to exchange your Canalboat Club week towards the cost of an ABC boat hire holiday at any of its location. How does this work? You pay the normal boat rental charge less the CBC owners discount of 25%. Canalboat Club will pay ABC what you have paid in maintenance fees for that year by you banking your CBC week with the Club, and then you just pay the balance. For example if you want to hire a  ABC boat from Reedley Marina in Lancs and the ABC hire charge for the boat you want is £1500  you get 25%  off= £1125 and if you have paid £612 in 2019 maintenance fees to the Canalboat Club, then you pay £1125 less £612 =£513.

ABC also have holiday cottages which you can see at www.abcholidaycottages.com. If you book one of these canalside properties the Canalboat Club will pay ABC what you have paid in maintenance fees for that year by banking your CBC week and you pay any balance required. These properties are not eligible for the 25% discount but they are often a straight swap .

We have also negotiated with a Holiday Club for the exclusive use of a 2 bedroom apartment sleeps 4 on the Costa Del Sol in Spain not far from Gibraltar, which will be a straight swap for your Canalboat Club week, and many peak weeks are still available. Also last minute bonus weeks are available from £500.

Your ownership is for life (*), so it can work out as a very cost effective holiday , but if at any time you find you've had enough of narrowboating, and have paid the current years management fees, just transfer it back to us with a small fee (currently £150), and we'll take it back again & let some new enthusiasts have a go with their dream holiday.

Canalboat Club has chosen RCI (www.rci.com) as its preferred exchange provider if you wished to join them. With membership to RCI you will have the flexibility to exchange your Canalboat Club week to one of tens of thousands of holiday properties worldwide spanning the spectrum from hotel rooms and suites to villas, cottages, bungalows, campgrounds and traditional holiday apartments. For more information on RCI Points and RCI Weeks, you can watch RCI's videos.

Canalboat Club boats are managed by ABC Boat Management which is a subsidiary of ABC Leisure Group, the largest privately owned specialist operator of narrowboats on the UK’s canals and rivers with 35 years experience of operating boats and a vast array of associated services.

Canalboat Club has appointed Hutchinson & Co as the trustee to protect your legal rights of occupation as they hold ownership of the boats on behalf of the members.

If you are interested in speaking to our sales office, 

please call now on 01395 443363, or 

e mail [email protected].

Download the Canal Boat Club brochure.

* or until 2076

** Figures are for the 2019 Management Fees

*** excluding the first years management fee and fuel and utility fees when you use the boat

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